Question: How do I know which size TRAK is right for me?

You can measure you index finger just above your big knuckle with a string. Then measure the length of string.  The retention hole diameter for Medium TRAK is 3/4" or 19mm and the retention hole diameter for Large TRAK is 7/8" or 21mm.

Females: You most likely want Medium TRAK
Males: If you wear Small/Medium gloves order Medium TRAK
Males: If you wear Large/XL gloves then order Large TRAK

What is Secure Grip Retention?

Secure Grip Retention is a feature that we designed in TRAK, which allows the knife to be gripped in such a way that it cannot be accidentally dropped or taken away from you during use.  By placing your index finger inside of the Secure Grip opening, the rest of your hand wraps around TRAK and becomes part of your hand.  See pictures in the products description page for details.

Question: Where is TRAK made?

TRAK is hand crafted in our shop just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, USA